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National Quilter's Circle is the leading digital media resource for quilting product marketers

  • 157,000 unique users visit and 762,000 pages every month
  • Time on site: 4min
  • 244,000 how-to videos are viewed each month
  • 149,000 opt-in recipients of our e-newsletter
  • 33,000 social followers 

Reaching 470,000 Quilting Enthusiasts Each Month

Advertising/Sponsorship Channels

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Custom Video Solutions

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Includes Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest posts, sweepstakes programs and product sponsored video previews

Includes multi-channel branding programs and multi-video series sponsorship packages

Four Million Video Views in 2015

2015 will be the year of video marketing, video content will account for 84% of online traffic by 2018*

*, 2014

The National Quilters Circle Team

Our team of four leaders set the quality benchmarks for all National Quilters Circle video content.

Kelly Pederson Hanson runs Quilters Anonymous in Duluth, Minnesota and specializes in traditional, longarm and memory quilts.

Heather Thomas is an art quilter and a mixed media fiber artist.  Heather has been a color and design educator for years, and she authored the popular Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond.

Peg Spradlin loves detail and is a sewing pattern tester for Quiltmaker and Quilters Newsletter.  She’s specializes in precision piecing and writes for numerous other publications.

ZJ Humbach owns Dream Stitcher Quilt Studio in Nederland, Colorado and is a prolific quilt pattern designer.  ZJ is also a former editor for Quilters Newsletter.

High talent and high standards.

Product Sponsored Videos Sell

Video creation is where National Quilters Circle shines. We work with key sponsors to showcase their products in sponsored video clips that run from 3-5 minutes.

They are not commercials, or even infomercials. They are instructional videos that incorporate a sponsor's product into an authoritative quilting project or technique storyline. 

*Cisco Visual Networking Index

Advertising & Sponsorships 2015

No wonder National Quilters Circle is growing so rapidly. 1.01 million video views in 2014 was just the beginning.

Our audience will view over 4 million videos in 2015, quadrupling our total, through all National Quilters Circle channels.


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